Summer Lovin….

Hi there everyone.

Don’t you just love summer?  Well the summer school holidays at least!

I do, it means I get to stay in bed later than 6am, and my baby boy joins me for his morning snuggle.

OK so he’s not a baby anymore, but my kids are always my babies…. even when they finally have babies themselves they will STILL be my babies.

Anyway a few week ago Zach (my youngest ) had a sixth form prom. He looked sooooo grown up, so will share a few pics of him further down.  He is such a star, in fact just a few weeks before the end of term he performed at a summer ball, held by the Leo Group, here in our home town,  and believe me,  as always he was a total STAR.

The summer ball was a fundraising event to raise money for Ravenscliffe High School & Sports College, which is the only school of its kind in our area.

Firstly and foremost I would like to thank those who organised this event, and those who attended, as they raised a staggering £250k towards equipment for the new building that is due to be built on the Springhall site. (big sports track and mansion used by schools on sports day). This is the only secondary school & sports college for disabled children here in Halifax, and houses around 170 students, however only has a capacity for around 70 pupils, so a new building is a necessity.

Zach and 9 other students danced and sang for the attendees of the ball, which as a parent of a disabled child, I can honestly say is one of the most wonderful things you could bear witness to, especially as some of those who sing can barely speak (ie Zach), while others have severe learning difficulties, and just to be in such a busy atmosphere can cause major anxiety attacks.

The children who performed were well behaved and totally raised the roof at the event, and probably opened a few eyes whilst there as well, if you know what I mean.  It was a massive success to say the least, and the amount raised proves just that.  So thank you to the organisers, and all who attended the Leo Group summer ball, your support is greatly appreciated.

Following that Zach had his first prom.  17 years old & you wouldn’t imagine to look at him he had any form of disability,  he’s quite the ladies man :)))  Maybe that’s because he has 3 older brothers.  All I can say is love him to bits, & he makes me smile every singe day.