Smile card

Do you ever buy something then put it away, and forget you have it?

I do this far too often, as many of us crafters do.  So after trying to tidy up my craft room, I found some Dreamees dies

that I basically forgot I had…. Ooopsie!

Obviously I had to do a trial cut with said dies, and of course we all know how that ends.  Half an hour or so later,

I emerge from the craft room holding a new creation in my hands :)))

Naturally the hubby asks why I am holding a finished card, when I was supposed to be cleaning and organising,

but even he knows that its virtually impossible to actually clean a craft room, because underneath all that

crafty chaos I have strewn all over my desk, there will be a 1inch scrap of paper or card, that will ignite some form of idea

in my crazy mind, and I have to start creating then and there, otherwise the idea is gone forever.

So without further ado, here is the culprit that had me crafting rather than cleaning,  (like I need any encouragement, LOL).

I used a Dreamees lace die to cut the centre, doesn’t it look good. the die is available here

The sentiment stamp is one from Sheena Douglas, and the backing paper is from Crafters Companion.

The small mdf butterfly and pearls are courtesy of Dreamees.

Happy crafting x

Baby blanket

Good morning peeps, How are you all doing?

I thought I would share a different kind of project with you today, as I have been working on a crocheted baby blanket,

for my future grand daughter.  She isn’t due until July, but thought it would be a good idea to get started,

as I am terrible for procrastinating.

I searched the internet for a design that I liked and then searched it on youtube,  the home of numerous tutorials.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the stitch pattern used, although it was made in an aran wool,

using a cluster of triple crochet stithes to create the pattern.  It turned out the perfect size to snuggle a newborn in, and is supersoft

as I used a 5.5mm uk hook.

If I remember the name of the stitch pattern I will make a post to let you know, and include a link to the youtube tutorial.

That’s all for now folks, Happy Crafting xx

Dreamees MDF

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Following a trip to a Dreamees workshop, I bought myself a few MDF bits and pieces to decorate my craft room.

What a shocker, “I spent more money”.  I can’t help it, it’s an addiction all on it’s own, and I’m sure that plenty of crafters out there know

exactly what I mean.  Anyhoo, here is the letter rack and dinky inky storage drawers that I have decorated.

I started the decorating process by painting the wood white.  I find that if you

stick your paper straight onto mdf, it often goes discoloured,

so painting it white prevents this from happening.

I used papers from the romance and roses collection, which you can purchase here 

 and the beautiful aurora borealis pearls are from

I do hope you enjoy seeing my makes as much as I enjoy making them, and please feel free to leave a comment,

I would love to hear from you.

Oh Snap!!

I have been a very naughty crafter!

Oops I did it again….  No I didn’t wear red pvc, just in case your wondering.  I splurged and spent a hefty amount of cash

on the new Snap die cutting machine from Craftwell.

In my defence I blame the Dreamees girls, as they had one at their workshop for us to use, and I was HOOKED.

It is an amazing piece of kit, as it can be used anywhere…. really it can.  You could take it camping and not have to worry about a

power source, as it runs on a rechargeable battery, just like a laptop does.  When its not in use it simply turns itsef off.  Fantastic!

I used it for 3 weeks before I had to charge it, so thats pretty good going in my opinion.  You can even buy changeable facias for it,

so you can really customise your equipment.

Look at that little beauty, and it only takes up 6 x 10 inches of space on my craft desk.  Total bonus as I usually end up with a 12 inch

square to work in!

Cartoon Charecters

Hello from a cold UK.

Yes we have had snow here this week, and even the grown ups have been snow diving, (my OH).

So while they were all out playing in the snow, I retreated to the craft room to make some more Scooby Doo cards.

Zach insisted that he wants them as his birthday invites, so while the family is otherwise engaged,

I got to crafting with the Scooby kit.

Hope you like them, this kit really is fun to use, because its so bright and vibrant.  Just what you need on a cold wintry day.

Happy crafting xx


How do you all organise your crafty stash?

I have been looking through Pinterest, and scouring the internet for affordable ideas on how to be

more organised.  Don’t get me wrong there are some fabulous ideas out there.  And you American gals have

some amazing rooms to show us, but in all honesty, my room is 9ft x9ft, and my budget is at zero.  So with that said,

I had to come up with a way to use the storage I had, just in a way that my supplies would be more accessible to me.

Here is what I came up with-:

Firstly I needed to use my bookshelves that I have had for years.  But instead of using them in the usual manner, and

having boxes stacked on top of each other, I decided to turn them on their sides, and add inserts so that each box had its own shelf.

No more pulling out 3 boxes because you wanted the bottom one, plus it means that you utilise all the space.

A little bit of measuring, and we had created 5 shelves into the same space that normally is just one shelf.

Add in my plastic storage boxes and BOOM!  A very organised section of my craft room.

Now to get some more boxes to finish filling it up.

Until next time folks xx

Easels Everywhere

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all well and good, and taking time out

for your crafting.

Just thought I would stop by my blog,  and share a few more Scooby Doo creations with you all.

I really like the look of easel cards, whether they are straight up easels or twisted easels,

I just like that it adds extra dimension to our cards.

Heres two cards that I made, the top one is a twisted easel, made by scoring diagonally on the front of the card.

(score from bottom left to top right)  hope that makes sense.

And the bottom is a regular easel card, incorporating some of my Tonic dies to create a shaped card,

with more detail & interest.

I also used stampin up cardstock for my matting in Bermuda Bay & Tempting Turqoise.

I really liked how they turned out…. hope you do too.

Happy crafting… Kim xx


Scooby Doo, Where are you??

Has anyone been watching Create and Craft lately?  Did you see the Scooby Doo papercraft kit?

I did, and I couldn’t resist.  I tried so hard to sit on my hands and not make a purchase,  but you all know how

it is when you see a great bargain,  and it’s Scooby Doo!  Totally iconic in my eyes,  not to mention nostalgic.

Even my kids were loving my creations, not to mention the volume of products included in the kit.

Look at all that Scooby goodness :)))

Everything from backing papers, decoupage, toppers and ribbons.  Not to mention the rubber stamps, embossing folders

and dies to use long after the paper elements have gone.  Also included was a pack of 40 cards and envelopes to get you started.

Below is the first of my creations,  hope you all like it.

Ta ta for now x