Its a Break

Well schools finally finished, and it’s time for

family holidays.  Not this time!  Zach will be travelling to France with his school,

for a 5 day break, so while I don’t have to look after him, I booked me and David onto a campsite

at Cheddar Gorge.

We hooked up the caravan, and drove down to Cheddar Gorge, to enjoy 5 days of

peace and tranquility, & to be brutally honest, it was just that.

We stayed on an adults only site because we didn’t have Zach with us, plus it was so

peaceful because there was no kids playing out.  I’m not a grumpy person or anything, but sometimes

you just need peace and quiet.

The scenery at Cheddar Gorge was amazing, and of course I

got a few snaphots to eventually put into a scrapbook album.  But until then they will stay on my phone.

Hope you enjoy you upcoming weekend.

Hugs Kim x


Its A Boy

Yes you read it right,

we have another new arrival in our house.

Our second grandchild in 16 days arrived on 23 July, weighing in at 6lb 8oz.

Leo Thomas arrived safely, to mum Rebekah & and dad Arron.

All I can say is that we are so blessed to now have two adorable grand children,

and thank you to my children and partners for making us proud grandparents.

So without further ado here is Leo at a few hors old.

So yummy I just want to hug him all the time. :):)

Until next time x

Doll Clothes

Hello you lovely people.

Just had to come and share my latest makes with you, because I think they are absolutely adorable.

My grandaughter is so tiny that not even newborn clothes fit her,

So in comes Nanna to the rescue, with the most adorable little dress, made using a dolls clothes pattern.

Isn’t that just divine 🙂 🙂

Just one problem, it doesn’t fit.  It’s actually too small.  I didn’t read the size of the pattern

when I bought it, and it was only to fit a 16 inch doll, had it been to fit an 18 inch doll,

It probably would have been ok.

I was seriously disheartened, however because the dress was so cute,

I didn’t let it get me down, I mean it was worth a shot!

All I can say is measure twice, cut once.  If I had checked the measurements properley,

It would of fit.  At least when she’s toddling around, her doll’s will have

some beautiful outfits.

Ta ta for now & happy crafting x

Teacher Gifts

Well it’s that time of year again,

All the schools are finishing up for the summer, and some parents frantically run around

trying to find an inexpensive gift for their childrens teachers.

Now because I have 5 children I have been doing this for 21 years now, so with that said,

I should be pretty good at it, right?  Wrong.

This year I really struggled.  I give gifts in the summer and at christmas, and have never yet given the

same gift twice.  Hence the reason I was struggling to come up with something

original, inexpensive and fabulous, which is now kind of expected of me.

Here is what I decided to do-:

I made 6 of these all together, and although they were all the same in design, they did have different

papers on the.  I used a lot of Dreamees products to make these, including-:

mdf hearts, stamps, dies, pearls and stamens. available here .

While the papers came from

They cost a total of £2.00 each for the mdf heart, as everything else was

already in my craft stash.

I do hope you are enjoying reading my blog, and feel free to leave a comment.

Remember,  do more of what make you happy x

Doncaster Crafting Live

Good morning everybody.

I do hope you all enjoyed your weekend, did you do anything fun?

I had a kind of spoilt weekend, as I went to a Crafting Live show in Doncaster, England.

In case you have never heard of this before, it’s where you have a huge amount of craft companies

selling their products.  Often they will have “Show Only” prices too,

so you can pick up some great bargains.

You also see vendors that showcase their products via the craft channels on tv,

such as Dreamees, Phil Martin, Kanban Keith, Debbie Moore & Anne-Marie Designs to name a few,

so this is a total bonus.

As you can imagine, your spending can get out of control, if you are not careful,

so I always give myself a budget.  This is where I stock up on essentials, as well as a few crafting treats.

Here are my goodies from this weekend, and although I had a budget of £200,

I only spent £145.  Even then I purchased all the cardstock I need to make my nieces wedding invites,

plus all my chritmas projects, so I didn’t feel to bad.

The picture on the left was the create and craft goodie bag costing £25, and the 2 magazines were in fact free gifts.

This little lot was purchase from The Dreamees, think I had a bit more from them,

but for some reason haven’t taken a photo.

This little lot was from Any Crafts A Pound

and my cardstock was from a couple of different suppliers.

Phew what a whole lot of crafting goodness.  I think it’s time to go play,  but first I

must thank my lovely husband, for not only taking me to these events but for allowing me to spend

so much money.

I love you David & thank you.

Until next time…..Happy crafting x

Its a girl

So I am now officially a Grandma.

My beautiful grand daughter arrived safely yesterday morning,

weighing in at 6lb 7oz.

She is such a tiny little thing, but she’s soooo adorable.

Yes!  I have gone all mushy and emotional, as my baby girl gave birth to her own baby girl.

Here she is- Amelia Rose at only 2 hours old…. YUM.

Proud Grandma moment there, sorry about that.

Here’s to life with a newborn around.

Enjoy you day everyone

Kim x

Wands at the ready!

A while back I thought I might try my hand at wand making.

Well I bought a pack of chopsticks, turned on my glue gun & here is a progress report.

I did use a few seed beads to add a bit of texture to the large glue balls on the ends of the chopsticks,

and I even managed to set a flat sided bead onto the end of another.

String can also be wound around the chopstick to add interest, however you can gain

fabulous results with just your hot glue.

Now remember this can be time consuming, as you have to keep the chopstick moving

while the glue cools, otherwise it will simply run off.

Here are some finished wands, and while they are very lightweight, they look stunning.

All I added to the uncoated wand was a coat or two of black paint,

followed by a little gilding wax.  I only had a silver gilding mousse from tonic so I used this.

The wands that are more copper in colour, are in fact, dry brushed with

a poundshop acrylic paint in copper.

How effective do these look?  Totally amazed at what can be created with a bit

of hot glue.  Bet they would look fab on a witchy looking notebook.

Until next time, get your glue gun out to play:))

Happy crafting x


embellishment box

Good afternoon folks,

Have I got a treat for you.  We are jumping on the embellishment box wagon.


In case you haven’t guessed it yet, I love making embellishments, so when the facebook group,

Make It And Mail It, announced that this was one of the monthly swaps,

I jumped right on in….. with both feet.

I love how this turned out, I was so pleased with it.

Handmade embellishments included-: mini toppers, mini notebook and pen,

fun paperclips, mini cards, bottlecaps, paper tassels.

Im sure there was more but I honestly can’t remember what I made for it.

Whatever it was the recipient was more than impressed with it.

I do know one thing for sure,  If there is another swap like this one I will most definitely join in.

Remember…. Do what makes you happy x