Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend has been the August bank holiday here in the UK.

This means I generally have a long weekend away.  Which also means a long

weekend crafting.  I can hear the angels singing now :).  Yes that is my idea of heaven.

Obviously I start early with my christmas crafts, and this weekend

was no exception.  So bring on the christmas tags.

This is another 100 tags to go into my mixed bags, that will hopefully make it to my christmas stall.

I used Stampin Up card in Pool Party & Powder Pink.  The red is unbranded.

The images are from Dreamees,  & The Snowman is from Create and Craft,

but I only made a few with this image.

I also made a start on another design, but that will get finished another day.

Happy crafting x


Desk Organization

Good morning, Good morning.

Do you ever just wake up in a really happy mood and feel like singing?

I’m on my own on that one then…. oh well, today was a good day, & a very productive day.

Zach was out for a few hours today, so I set too with the usual household chores.  It’s so much easier to get through it all

when theres no one around, plus once you’ve cleaned it, it stays clean. It’s fabulous.

Ok, so the cleaning is done by lunchtime, now what?

Zach won’t be home till around 3pm, so I have a few hours for me.  MMmm the possibilities.

Do I have a long hot soak, pamper myself with a face mask and a

deep conditioner on my hair like most women would do……NO!

Not me,  I go into the craft room, and empty out one of my desk drawers to re-organise it.

Heres a before and after pic.

The one on the left is before, which isn’t too bad in fairness,

but after doing a little jigsaw puzzle with all the boxes I had saved, it seemed to create so much more space.

I simply covered the boxes with patterned paper, and this was the result.

Now all I have to do is save enough boxes to do the other drawer.

How does everybody organise their space?  I’m always looking for new ways, that are

cheap and cheerful to re-organise my workspace, so that I am working

more efficiently.  Work smarter not harder, as the saying goes.

Toodles peeps x


Did I scare you?

I know its not halloween yet, but you knnow us crafters, can’t help but be in front.

As per usual, when I see a craft swap that intrigues me,

I’ve just gotta join in.

The theme was halloween, and it was embellishment boxes.

Happy, happy, happy, happy. (doing a happy dance if you didn’t already guess that).

Anyhoo, here is my creation.

Here are some pictures of the thins I made.

The box included handmade toppers in various shapes, for example gravestones.

I included paperclips, bakers twine, clay pieces, mdf shapes, sequins, absolutely allsorts.

But I have to say my favourite additions were the wand,

the witches hat notebook and the broomstick pen that I made for this project.

To say I was pleased with the outcome, would be an understatement.

So until we meet again…. Happy crafting,

and don’t forget to leave a comment, it’s always great to hear from you.

Kim x

Happy Anniversary

Hello my good friends.

What have you all been up to?

I have been doing a little bit of card making,  as I fulfilled a request from a friend.

I was asked if I could make a card for his wife, to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Can I make a card?? Of course I could make him a card,

Unsure of his wifes taste on these things,  I decided that if I stuck to something I would like to receive,

then she would probably like it too, as I have noticed we have similar

tastes and values in our life.

And so an anniversary card was born.

Rather  feminine & sophisticated are my thoughts.

It was A5 in size, and used a Paper Boutique paper design for the background,

pearlescent cardstock was then embossed, & this gave interest to what some may seem as a blank space,

I then went on to add a dusting of ink, & by doing so helps the detail pop. Do you agree?

Following that I added an mdf heart that was painted white, before stamping pink rosebuds onto it.

This was a 3 layer stamp from Altenew, called Sweet Rose Bouquet, and can be found here-:

Add a bit of satin ribbon and a few pearls to finish it off, and your done.

A beautiful creation to be proud of.

Ta ta for now folks x

Tidy craft desk.

Greetings my friends, and welcome to my blog,

here you will see craft projects that I have made, and a little insight into the life of a crafter.

I must say I am a typical crafter, who ends up working in a tiny 10 inch square

of their work desk.  I know many crafters who are the same,

but eventually we all clean up, and get organised.

It’s usually a mammoth task to undertake, but occassionally it just has to be done.

And not be be blunt or anything, but doesn’t that look gooood.

So happy I got round to cleaning up, however I don’t know how long it will stay

like this.  I am a crafty after all, and the hardest part of cleaning up,

is not making something when you find that one thing,  that was buried underneath all that junk,

that sparks your creative mind.

Hope you all enjoy today no matter what you are doing, just  remember to…..

Do what makes you happy x