Almost Monochrome

As promised I am here to share another card from my card kit collection.

I have been crafting for many years, and adore the vast array of styles available for my creations. This does cause a few problems for me though, as I am trying to keep things simple, in the attempt to get more people crafting.

Obviously I don’t want to be off putting to potential customers, so finding the correct balance is a must.

I want people to like my products and be confident in recreating my designs, hence the reason I am aiming for more simplistic designs.

Although this card may look quite complicated, it is relatively easy. Instructions are provided with all my kits, so no need to worry, non crafters will be professionals in no time.

I do love how elegant this card turned out, there’s something about a bit of monochrome and how you can create such stunning designs. I hope you like it too.

Feel free to leave a comment, it’s nice to know that i’m not alone in blog land.

Remember… Do what makes you happy xx

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