Au Revoir

Well today has been a little bit strange for me, as my youngest son has flown to France with 31 other students, on a PGL school trip. Whats wrong with that? I hear you ask.  Well there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that he’s autistic, and I am so used to having to clock watch all the time, that it’s really really strange not having him around.

Zach is 17 years old, and was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 you see.  He attends a special needs school in our home town, where he is now in year 12.  Seeing him with all the other pupils eagerly waiting to go to the airport was quite moving, for want of a better word.  He seemed so grown up.  So much so that when I asked for a cuddle goodbye, all I got was a quick wave of the hand and then he put his head down, as if to say ” go away & stop embarrassing me mom”!  ( chuckling to myself right now).

Regular teenage behaviour really, trust me I know.  Zach is the youngest of 5, so I am quite well educated on the subject of teenagers if I do say so myself.

Good to know they arrived safetly, and he is with a more than competant group of staff members from his school.  I know he will enjoy all the activities that they have on offer, plus he loves swimming, so any chance of water activities will go down a treat.

Time to go as I will soon be trotting off to my static caravan for the weekend.  2 nights of just me and hubby….. Oh and a rather strategically packed craft bag.  Come on a girls gotta craft!!  And what a better time than when I have no responsibilities as far as watching kids goes. Just good company and a bit of craft, sounds like a relaxing weekend is just up ahead.

Until next time, do what makes you happy!


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