Chocolate Heaven

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Well it is in my house at least!  What with all the Christmas fair stock taking up space.

We had our first craft fair a few days ago, so now I have to take stock of what sold well,

and what didn’t.  I also have to make sure I have enough stock for my next

fair on the 24th November, so I’m am trying to stay organised.

Here is a craft fair favourite worldwide I think, it’s the snowman chocolate bar.

Admittedly, you can’t make a huge profit on these, especially as the chocolate bar only cost £1.

I sell these at £1.50 because I buy the chocolate in bulk, making it a little cheaper.

As a result I make around 50p per bar sold, so not a huge profit, but profit non the less.

And as it draws customers to my stall,

there are plenty of other items to entice the most savvy of shoppers.

So here’s to a simple yet effective chocolate treat

for the holiday season.

Crafty Hugs….. Kim xx

Family Time

Good morning all,

today’s post is to share a little bit of holiday magic.

As some of you may know, I have an autistic son called Zach.

He still believes in Santa, and every year gets excited just like any other child

would do.

This year I have taken him to meet some of my crafty friends, ie-: The Dreamees,

and as a result he has had me buying some MDF projects for him to paint.

Here is Zach enjoying himself painting his “Santa Stop Here” sign.

It’s so lovely to see him joining in with a project, even if I’m not allowed to touch it.

I will share his finished project closer to Christmas,

when I have all the pieces finished, sshh it’s part of a bigger project,

but I’m sure you will love the completed article.

Keep an eye open for more of Zach’s crafty adventures!

That’s all for now, so until next time…..

do more of what makes you happy 🙂

Gable Box Chocolates

Christmas is just not Christmas,

without a box of your family favourite chocolate.

As a treat I always buy a tub of Quality Street & Heroes, just to have an ocassional

nibble when passing.

As a result of this, I now create a small gift box containing these sweets for others,

and to sell at my craft fair.

Gable boxes are so cute when printed in christmas designs, and decorated with my

usual snowflake and bell, it really adds a bit of festivity to what could be an otherwise boring package.

This is just two of the designs, however they all hold the same chocolates, and have the same quotes attached.

The tag on the Heroes reads-:  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes,

while the tag on the Quality Street reads-:  Thanks for being top QUALITY.

Rather Apt in my opinion, but I am biased :)))

I will be back in a few days with more of my craft fair makes to share with you.

Until next time……….  Happy crafting xx

Chocolate Candy Box

Hello there,

As promised I am sharing another item I have created for my craft fair,

and as I have found in the past, anything which involves chocolate seems to be rather popular,

and also economically viable.

I used a cutting file from

and here is the link to the file-:

The box was made with a white base of 300gsm cardstock,

while the top was printed in a variety of designs before cutting on my Scan n Cut.

To finish off the decoration I used a plastic snowflake. (bought from ebay) a tag and a jingle bell.

All tied together with a piece of twine.

The mini tags also have quirky sayings on them, one of which says-:

Life happens…..chocolate helps.

And the other tag reads-:

Save the planet…..It’s the only one with chocolate.

I found them rather amusing, so I hope my customers do too.

Happy crafting folks xx

MIA & DT Project

Oh my word,

where have the last few weeks gone?

I have been so busy making stock for my christmas fairs, that I have not blogged for a while.

Well here is my DT project for

For this months first challenge we were asked to create something using this file-:

or this file-:

I chose to use the So Thankful circle, to use as a decoration on my autumn/fall wreath.


I do enjoy making something a little bit different, so I even found a file for a 3D pinecone,

to add extra dimension to this project.

The twine and berries were already in my stash, so there was no extra cost involved either.

Do you make home decor items?

It can be really rewarding when visitors ask where you purchased something,

and you reply with ” I made it “,  it really is a wonderful feeling.

Well until next time…….  Happy Crafting xx

DT Project

Top of the morning to ya.

How are we all today?  Good I hope, I know I am.

Today I’m sharing my latest design team project for The Cutting Cafe.

Every month on the 7th & 21st we create projects using items from -: http://www,

This month we could use any files we liked, so I chose to use the Fun with Crates file,

available here-:


I decided to create 3 different crates, to show how versatile this file is.

As you can see, I have used one for a spa kit, one for a christmas ” Thanks a Latte” gift, and

one just for a autumnal/fall decoration.

I would like to add that as the crate cuts in one piece, it was super easy to re-size.

Here’s a closer look at each crate. Don’t you just love em!

I also used the mini coffee cup wraps file, available here-:

and the lip balm and chapstick holder, also available here-:

Go on over to The Cutting Cafe Blog -:

and check out the rest of the design teams creations, I’m sure you will find these ultra inspirational, and

don’t forget to leave a comment too, as every month someone will win 3 files from the cutting cafe,

in a prize draw.

Until next time…. Crafty hugs

from Kim xx

A Well Planned Crimbo

Morning Peeps;)

Just here to share more christmas fair items with you.

I’m sure I’m not the only one on a crafty mission, at this time of year.

Todays post is all about being organised.  How organised are you?

I’m a list kinda girl, in fact I make a list of that list, if you get my drift!!

I’ts sad I know, but i keeps me in control, and I don’t forget anything this way.

In my fight to get everyone organised,

I decided to create a Christmas Planner, using the printables from The Cutting Cafe.

Here is the link to the files-:

And here is what I created.

I simply took a piece of A4 kraft cardstock and scored it on my Ultimate pro using the DL score line.

I did this twice to create the 3 equal sections.

Next I turned it 90 degrees and scored at 1 & 1/8 inch. This small section will create pockets

to hold your printables in.

All I needed to do then was use pretty papers to cover my organiser wallet, add a little bit of glue to the edges

of the pockets, (being careful to leave ample space for my lists).

I used ribbon or kam snaps for my closures.

Not sure how well they will sell, but as they cost pennies to make, I will only charge around £1

each for them.

A Little Something For You

Hey there, how’s it going?

A quick post today, to share a gift box from The Cutting Cafe.

Well it’s actually a nugget treat box, but it’s perfect to hold my lanyards in,

for my christmas craft fair.  It’s just the right size to display them, while giving them packaging

thats appropriate for gift giving.


It measures 6 x 1.5 inches, and is available in a multitude of formats.  As always

with Regina’s files, you are guaranteed value for money,  as there are a range of sizes and styles

of nugget holder included.

So without further ado, here is the link to the assorted nugget holder-:

Hope you like this post, and feel free to leave a comment, feedback is always appreciated.

Ta ta for now xx

Hot Lips

Good afternoon all, hope you are all well?

I do hope that those in the States who are currently experiencing snow, tornados and

everything in between, are all safe and sound indoors.  I must say though…

I am slightly jealous of the snow!

Anyway, my thoughts are with you all and please stay safe.

Now then, talking about cold weather, todays creation is a lip balm & holder, to keep those lips in perfect

kissable condition all winter long.

It’s a perfect stocking stuffer, or small gift for a friend, and seriously cheap to make.

Yes CHEAP…Inexspensive….economic….cost effective,

It all means the same.

You can buy packs of lip balm in the el cheapo shops ie. Poundland, home bargains & B&M, to name a few.

Alternatively make your own, there are lots of recipes online.

Here is a lip balm I made,  enclosed in the lip balm & chapstick holder from The cutting Cafe.

Here is the link-:

It was super easy to put together, and don’t forget,  even if you don’t have

an electronic cutting machine, you can still use these files, as Regina also sends the file in PDF format,

so all you have to do is print, and cut with scissors,  it really is that simple.

Now lets go make a few dozen of these, I think they will be a fab addition to my christmas

craft stall next month, don’t you.

Until next time….Happy crafting xx

Halloween Pillow Box

Good morning world, how are we all?

Today I am quite excited, yet nervous at the same time.

This is because this will be my very first blogpost as a design team member

for The Cutting Cafe, owned by Regina Easter.

Every month on the 7th and 21st, the design team showcase her products, with the intention

of inspiring other crafters with her wares.

Now todays project was using halloween pillow boxes found here-:

and here is my creation-:

I made the pillow box by first cutting it on the scan n cut.  I did not change the dimensions at this point.

Where the ghost had been cut from the centre I used acetate to create a window, and kept the

waste to one side.  After cutting and applying the frame to the ghost,

I just had to get those googly eyes on there, I think it looks so cute.  I then added black and green ribbon,

to co-ordinate with the cardstock.

Now onto the other bits & bobs.  Remember that waste piece shaped like a ghost?  Well I

scanned it into my Scan n Cut, so I could re-size it slightly,

before cutting multiples in paper.

So from my waste piece I was able to create a cute little notebook, which coincidentely fits perfectly

inside the pillow box along with the mini broomstick pen you can see in the picture above.

Within this file you will also find outlines to frame the window area of the pillow box,

I cut these in a few different colours, to enable me to

create some cute bunting to add decoration in my picture, however you could easily re-create this and use

as a decoration in your home this Halloween.

I do hope you like my first creation as a design team member, and look forward to

bringing you my twist on the projects set by Regina.

Don’t forget to check out her website-:

Ta ta for now & happy crafting xx