Baby blanket

Good morning peeps, How are you all doing?

I thought I would share a different kind of project with you today, as I have been working on a crocheted baby blanket,

for my future grand daughter.  She isn’t due until July, but thought it would be a good idea to get started,

as I am terrible for procrastinating.

I searched the internet for a design that I liked and then searched it on youtube,  the home of numerous tutorials.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the stitch pattern used, although it was made in an aran wool,

using a cluster of triple crochet stithes to create the pattern.  It turned out the perfect size to snuggle a newborn in, and is supersoft

as I used a 5.5mm uk hook.

If I remember the name of the stitch pattern I will make a post to let you know, and include a link to the youtube tutorial.

That’s all for now folks, Happy Crafting xx

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