Just had to come on over and share a lovely picture of my hubby.

He is such a good person, and supports my crafting journey without complaint.

Now it must be said that this kind of support, also comes with an added duty, you see I regularly

attend crafting workshops with the Dreamees (as seen on tv), and my lovely hubby

drives me to these events.

He even stays at the event and ensures I am kept hydrated throughout the day, by means of

an almost endless cup of Yorkshire tea.

The last event we attended, we decided to have a giggle with Carol Bignall,

mother of Dreamees owner Hayley Bignall.

Here is what Dave did-:  he simply added a little white frilly pinny, and came out carrying a tray

of biscuits, trying to act all prim and proper, you know like he was a servant or something.

As you can see in the picture it was rather amusing, a big bald man

walking round trying to be a tea lady!! (howling)  It was probably a “got to have been there” moment,

but all the ladies who were in attendance saw the funny side.

It’s got to be said that he makes a wonderful tea lady, as he makes a banging brew!  Ask all

the ladies who attend these workshops, he is now well known by them all,

because he always goes around them all asking if they would like a drink.  Told you he’s a good en.

All in a days work, what do you say Dave?

Ta ta for now x

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