Did I scare you?

I know its not halloween yet, but you knnow us crafters, can’t help but be in front.

As per usual, when I see a craft swap that intrigues me,

I’ve just gotta join in.

The theme was halloween, and it was embellishment boxes.

Happy, happy, happy, happy. (doing a happy dance if you didn’t already guess that).

Anyhoo, here is my creation.

Here are some pictures of the thins I made.

The box included handmade toppers in various shapes, for example gravestones.

I included paperclips, bakers twine, clay pieces, mdf shapes, sequins, absolutely allsorts.

But I have to say my favourite additions were the wand,

the witches hat notebook and the broomstick pen that I made for this project.

To say I was pleased with the outcome, would be an understatement.

So until we meet again…. Happy crafting,

and don’t forget to leave a comment, it’s always great to hear from you.

Kim x

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