canvas artwork

Morning all.

Following getting some good results with my mixed media tags, I got a little bit brave.

Ok a lot brave, as I decided to try it on a canvas.

It was an 8×10 inch canvas that I had purchased from the pound shop.

So if I screwed it up I hadn’t wasted lots of cash.  Well here are my results-:

Not bad for a first attempt on something this size, but I definitely need practice.  Instead of buying

expensive chip board pieces to add texture, I cut out the same die a few times and layered it up.  This gave

it a little more dimension and durability, just like a chipboard piece, but without

the additional cost.  Next time I will add more modpodge to the papered area though….. not impressed

with how its bubbled.

Feel free to comment and give me your opinion.

Thanks in advance

Kim x

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