Christmas Angels

Just a quick post as I wanted to share a few of the photos, taken over the holiday period.

Now this was our first Christmas as Grandparents, and we loved every minute of it.

From the wide eyed stares at all the twinkling lights, to those memorable photos that create a lifetime of happy memories.

Even the all important Christmas jammies that has been a long time tradition in our home. It truly was BLISS:)))

I mean come on!! I know I’m biased, but how adorable is this?

You can just imagine their 21st birthday party when we put this photo up (crying with laughter). The babies will hate us for it, but I love it.

Oh yes! Nana & Grandad did spoil them a little bit, but trust me when I say…. this is the ONLY car I will ever buy them.

Christmas was wonderful as you can tell, and all I can say is that this year was truly magical.

See ya soon… Kim xx

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