Desk Organization

Good morning, Good morning.

Do you ever just wake up in a really happy mood and feel like singing?

I’m on my own on that one then…. oh well, today was a good day, & a very productive day.

Zach was out for a few hours today, so I set too with the usual household chores.  It’s so much easier to get through it all

when theres no one around, plus once you’ve cleaned it, it stays clean. It’s fabulous.

Ok, so the cleaning is done by lunchtime, now what?

Zach won’t be home till around 3pm, so I have a few hours for me.  MMmm the possibilities.

Do I have a long hot soak, pamper myself with a face mask and a

deep conditioner on my hair like most women would do……NO!

Not me,  I go into the craft room, and empty out one of my desk drawers to re-organise it.

Heres a before and after pic.

The one on the left is before, which isn’t too bad in fairness,

but after doing a little jigsaw puzzle with all the boxes I had saved, it seemed to create so much more space.

I simply covered the boxes with patterned paper, and this was the result.

Now all I have to do is save enough boxes to do the other drawer.

How does everybody organise their space?  I’m always looking for new ways, that are

cheap and cheerful to re-organise my workspace, so that I am working

more efficiently.  Work smarter not harder, as the saying goes.

Toodles peeps x

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