Doll Clothes

Hello you lovely people.

Just had to come and share my latest makes with you, because I think they are absolutely adorable.

My grandaughter is so tiny that not even newborn clothes fit her,

So in comes Nanna to the rescue, with the most adorable little dress, made using a dolls clothes pattern.

Isn’t that just divine 🙂 🙂

Just one problem, it doesn’t fit.  It’s actually too small.  I didn’t read the size of the pattern

when I bought it, and it was only to fit a 16 inch doll, had it been to fit an 18 inch doll,

It probably would have been ok.

I was seriously disheartened, however because the dress was so cute,

I didn’t let it get me down, I mean it was worth a shot!

All I can say is measure twice, cut once.  If I had checked the measurements properley,

It would of fit.  At least when she’s toddling around, her doll’s will have

some beautiful outfits.

Ta ta for now & happy crafting x

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