Family album

Some time ago I inherited some old photographs from my mother-in-laws house, well they were more like what nobody had claimed.  Anyhoo, due to the age of these pictures, figured I would construct an album for them all to be re-homed, that could be sent around my hubbys family for viewing.  I initially wanted to put them in a project life album, so that if anyone knew who was in a photo, or had a memory about a photo, they could add in some journaling without worrying about anything getting spoiled.

Was this a good idea? YES.  Did my husband want something different, like a fully handmade album? YES.  So after a little persuading I agreed to make the album, which took some doing let me tell ya.  The spine measured 4 inch thick, and the entire album housed around 150 photos.

Now I did not know who many of the people in the photos were, yet somehow managed to pair together distant in-laws who had sadly passed many years before, & let me tell you this… I had no idea that these people were related to each other, I had never met any of them, so how could I have known to put them on the same page like they belonged together.  Divine intervention perhaps???

Needless to say that my in-laws were more than overwhelmed with my creation, and if cared for correctly will still be around for many, many years to come.  They have even started adding in some journaling now, so at least when I next view it, I will be able to read all their memories about that moment, that time, that day in their history.

So without further adoo…. a few pages of the album, apologies in advance for poor photos, hubby was rushing me, so ended up taking them on the dining table with my phone.



Used the faux leather effect for the covers, will need to add something decorative when it comes back to me.


With flips and flaps, pockets & tags, plenty of room for photos.OOoo yeah, nearly forgot…. my hubby is one of those twins :).

Hope you all enjoyed my attempt at scrap booking.

Happy crafting Kim x

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