Family Time

Good morning all,

today’s post is to share a little bit of holiday magic.

As some of you may know, I have an autistic son called Zach.

He still believes in Santa, and every year gets excited just like any other child

would do.

This year I have taken him to meet some of my crafty friends, ie-: The Dreamees,

and as a result he has had me buying some MDF projects for him to paint.

Here is Zach enjoying himself painting his “Santa Stop Here” sign.

It’s so lovely to see him joining in with a project, even if I’m not allowed to touch it.

I will share his finished project closer to Christmas,

when I have all the pieces finished, sshh it’s part of a bigger project,

but I’m sure you will love the completed article.

Keep an eye open for more of Zach’s crafty adventures!

That’s all for now, so until next time…..

do more of what makes you happy 🙂

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