Food Prep Day

As much as my craft desk is often a mess, I do like to be somewhat

organised when it comes to mealtimes.  This includes lunches for the family, so it’s ready

to go, just in case you get up late.

 You remember when the kids were little and you had uniforms lined up for the following morning,

lunches packed & in the fridge, well not much has changed,

even though they are all working now.

Here is what I do most Sunday evenings, as part of my weekend routine.

I prepare around 20 salad boxes, 10 pasta salads, 15 fruit boxes, plus tubs of cold meat to

add to the salads.  This is to ensure that everyone eats a healthy lunch, instead of wasting their hard earned cash

in the nearest sandwich shop.

There’s nothing wrong with sandwich shops, I just don’t think they should waste their money like that.


So that’s my Sunday night routine, some say i’m like super mum,

some think it’s a waste of time and effort, but I feel good for knowing I am taking

care of my families needs.

What do you feel good about today?

see you next time x

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