forever cupcakes.

I’m tired!  Yawn.

Sorry it’s late in the evening, but I have been working between 12 & 15 hrs a day for the last few weeks in order to get products made & delivered to the shops in time for the christmas rush.  I have been making cupcakes, and lots of them.  if I’m not in the workshop making bubble bath cupcakes, I’m baking for school fairs and such, so I will be seeing cupcakes in my dreams.

Here are some of the bubble cupcakes that we make, they are mini bundles of magnificense….even if I do say so myself.  They are made in a variety of fragrances and are always made with bright colourful toppings, so they turn the colour of your bath water respectively

The picture on the right is a few edible cupcakes that I held back for my family, when I did cake stall goodies for the schools.  I WILL try and diet….next year perhaps! (it’s not that far away after all). But in the meantime…….Mmmmm.

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