Gable Box Chocolates

Christmas is just not Christmas,

without a box of your family favourite chocolate.

As a treat I always buy a tub of Quality Street & Heroes, just to have an ocassional

nibble when passing.

As a result of this, I now create a small gift box containing these sweets for others,

and to sell at my craft fair.

Gable boxes are so cute when printed in christmas designs, and decorated with my

usual snowflake and bell, it really adds a bit of festivity to what could be an otherwise boring package.

This is just two of the designs, however they all hold the same chocolates, and have the same quotes attached.

The tag on the Heroes reads-:  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes,

while the tag on the Quality Street reads-:  Thanks for being top QUALITY.

Rather Apt in my opinion, but I am biased :)))

I will be back in a few days with more of my craft fair makes to share with you.

Until next time……….  Happy crafting xx

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