Gifts For Me


Now that the holiday season is done, the decorations have been packed away, and everyone is back at school & work, I thought it might be nice to share my crafty christmas gifts with you.

How many husbands out there would spend there birthday taking you to your favourite craft shop? Well mine is 1 in a million, and as his birthday is just a few days before Christmas, he said he would like to visit our friends at Dreamees HQ.

After having a cuppa and a good ole catch up, I of course had to peruse the shop and although I didn’t really intend spoiling myself, I did. In all fairness their shop is so wonderful and full of inspiration, that it’s hard to walk away from.

Several items were purchased, including two of their craft bags. They are all so beautiful, and I just couldn’t decide on which colour to buy, so spoilt myself and bought both the coral and lilac version.

Other items bought included some new MDF pieces to decorate my bedroom, along with some stamps and stamens for my handmade flowers. I bought them in white this time and I now have a myriad of colours.

So what did santa leave in your crafty stocking this year? Trust me when I say… I don’t need Christmas to spoil myself, I do that all year round. (giggles)

Until next time my lovely friends…….. Happy Crafting xx

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