Handmade Flowers

A quick post today folks,  just wanted to share some handmade flowers I have made,

using a variety of dies that I have in my collection.

When I make a project using flowers, I often find that I need some form of filler flowers.  You know the rather

tiny ones just to fill a gap, or soften the look on the edges.

So I set about making some in the appropriate size that I wanted.  Then I made some slightly larger, then I added

an extra twist to some, then I inked all the edges….. and the list goes on!

I got rather carried away and ended up with a stack of flowers to save for projects in the future.  I really do get

sidetracked when I enter my craft room, it’s my happy place, and even when I do simply clean my craft desk,

or make a few dozen (hundred) flowers, I leave feeling relaxed and calm.

Now that’s what it’s all about.

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