Ice Skating Anyone.

Following on with the christmas theme,

I have some more christmas tags.  I did start them over the weekend,

but unfortunately felt under the weather, so was unable to finish them.  I have now completed them

and here they are-:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image. It is manufactured by The Dreamees, and you can buy it here-:

I watercoloured the ice skates in a light blue, and added glitter to the blades.

The same blue was used to ink the edges of the tag, and also stamp the snowflake background.

Bakers twine was also used to create a tie for attaching it to a gift.

I did have something different in mind, but thats craft for you,

sometimes the direction you are heading in changes,  it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it’s just different.

Crafty Hugs Kim x

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