Its a Break

Well schools finally finished, and it’s time for

family holidays.  Not this time!  Zach will be travelling to France with his school,

for a 5 day break, so while I don’t have to look after him, I booked me and David onto a campsite

at Cheddar Gorge.

We hooked up the caravan, and drove down to Cheddar Gorge, to enjoy 5 days of

peace and tranquility, & to be brutally honest, it was just that.

We stayed on an adults only site because we didn’t have Zach with us, plus it was so

peaceful because there was no kids playing out.  I’m not a grumpy person or anything, but sometimes

you just need peace and quiet.

The scenery at Cheddar Gorge was amazing, and of course I

got a few snaphots to eventually put into a scrapbook album.  But until then they will stay on my phone.

Hope you enjoy you upcoming weekend.

Hugs Kim x


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