Its DT Project time again!!

Hello from a very cold UK.

Wet and windy here today, but I do believe we are expecting snow in the near future.

Not sure if it’s correct, but some areas of the country are being hit

with bad snowfall, so only time will tell.

Right then, onto today’s post…. it might be a long one.

This weeks design post for the Cutting Cafe, is using the Greeting card folder found here-:

I have used it in a variety of ways, to use as a means of gift giving.

This is the outside of the folder which uses a magnet as a closure.

As you can see I made a “Spa at Home” type of gift, which includes candles, bath salts,

face & foot masks.  All very inexpensive items.

Here is a few more that I made for the kids & as a general gift, maybe for an elderly neighbor,

your delivery guy or even your post man/lady. :))


Super simple yet cute, and just enough to say ” Thank You”.

The one for the kids has now been requested for my nieces wedding next year, so all the attending kiddos

get an activity pack.  Pretty good idea if I do say so myself.

Hope you have enjoyed today’s post, so until next time…

Happy crafting xx



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