Land of Soap & Glory

Hey there, how you all been?

I have been a little side tracked from my usual crafting, but crafting non the less. Instead of making papercrafts, I have been restocking my soap supply.

I realised I was very low on my homemade soap, down to the last bar in fact, that I had to crack on and get creative. This meant that I would have to actually buy soap… from the shop!! Something I have made for the last 9 years, I was actually going to have to buy:((

Oh well needs must. I soon got my butt in gear and made 10 whole soap loaves, giving me 120 bars. Don’t think I will run out in a hurry, now to wait at least 4 weeks for it to cure properly.

Here are the loaves that I made…

When cut up these loaves will be set in a cupboard to cure for at least a moth before use, basically the extra moisture in them will dry out, making them a harder bar, that doesn’t disintegrate in the tub.

On another note, the kitchen smelt heavenly for a few days, and not because of cakes been baked :)).

Until next time…Carry on crafting folks xx

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