Love my Scan n Cut

I have owned my Brother Scan n Cut for quite some time now,

however I feel like I don’t utilise it anywhere near enough.  So today I decided to do a little stamping and colouring,

but instead of hand cutting, (which I would if it had been one image), I decided to let the Scan n Cut

do the work for me.  Whenever I use this piece of equipment, I can honestly say that I am in awe of it’s capabilities.

I took an A3 piece of card, ( roughly 17×11 inch) and stamped it full of images from Hunkydory and Dreamees, sat peacefully and

calmly colouring them all in, before placing them into the Scan n Cut.

I simply scanned the images in,  before it cut them out with a perfect 2mm border all the way around each image.

Absolute perfect cuts, every single time.

Although I don’t use my Scan n Cut to it’s full potential at the moment, I can honestly say that when I do use it…

it gets quite a good workout.

Here are some of the images that I cut out and they are roughly 1inch in size.

These will now be addded to embellishments and toppers, ready for use when I need them.

Happy crafting xx

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