Oh Snap!!

I have been a very naughty crafter!

Oops I did it again….  No I didn’t wear red pvc, just in case your wondering.  I splurged and spent a hefty amount of cash

on the new Snap die cutting machine from Craftwell.

In my defence I blame the Dreamees girls, as they had one at their workshop for us to use, and I was HOOKED.

It is an amazing piece of kit, as it can be used anywhere…. really it can.  You could take it camping and not have to worry about a

power source, as it runs on a rechargeable battery, just like a laptop does.  When its not in use it simply turns itsef off.  Fantastic!

I used it for 3 weeks before I had to charge it, so thats pretty good going in my opinion.  You can even buy changeable facias for it,

so you can really customise your equipment.

Look at that little beauty, and it only takes up 6 x 10 inches of space on my craft desk.  Total bonus as I usually end up with a 12 inch

square to work in!

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