Oh no! Its that time of year when all the schools are having prom.

It gets expensive for parents, what with the limo, the hair, the nails, the dress, the list

goes on….. Thank god I have another boy!

A lot less hassle, and a whole lot cheaper too.  My son is currently 18 years old,

and having another prom.  Yes another.  You see he attends a special needs school, so because

they have a small number of students over all 3 years of 6th form,  the whole of the 6th form

attend the prom….. meaning he will go to 3 proms.

I know that sounds strange but there are less than 60 students in his 6th form.

So with all of that explained, I thought I would share a picture of Zach, all donned up,

in his best bib and tucker.

He has grown up so much over the last few years, and to look at him you would not realise

how severe his disability is.  He is a lovable young man who makes me so proud each and every day.

There is not a day goes by, that I am not truly thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful family.

Zach is the youngest of 5, so the next step i my families journey

will be grand babies.   Watch this space!

Ta ta darlings x

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