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Hello you wonderful people!

So glad you could stop by and have a nosey around my blog.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, it’s so nice to know that I am not alone on this crafty journey.

Now todays post is not showcasing any of my makes, but simply to air my views about the upcoming season.

I love christmas!!  No two ways about it I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I also love to give gifts,

which is why this project is important to me.

 Here in the UK, there are lots of things that people do for charity, and one of them is-:

The Shoebox Appeal

You basically fill a shoebox sized box with items to send to those less fortunate.

You decide the sex and age bracket you are sending to, and fill your boxes accordingly.  So far I have 14

boxes to fill, and while yes it can be expensive, if you break it down into bitesize pieces,

it is very do-able.

This is where my crafting goodies come in.  I have so far made rag dolls, make-up bags,

colouring books, crayon boxes, pencil boxes for pens & pencils & notebooks.

The items that i did purchase were bought in bigger, cheaper packs, and divided up into boxes that I made using svg files.

If you have a cutting machine such as a scan n cut or silouhette, you can buy svg cutting files so inexpensively,

and you can create some amazing gifts and packaging.  I will leave the links below for my GO TO companies,

these are the ones that I use all the time.

So if your thinking of doing something kind for a stranger this holiday season,  this might be the way to go.

Maybe your local schools run a shoebox appeal and you could put one together and donate it?

Wouldn’t that feel good?  Plus you get to make more STUFF.  It doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

It’s such a nice feeling giving that extra gift at christmas, and to someone who may have no-one but themselves.

Think about it, it’s only September, I just like to get organized.

Thanks for listening

Kim x

Here are those links-:


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