Smile card

Do you ever buy something then put it away, and forget you have it?

I do this far too often, as many of us crafters do.  So after trying to tidy up my craft room, I found some Dreamees dies

that I basically forgot I had…. Ooopsie!

Obviously I had to do a trial cut with said dies, and of course we all know how that ends.  Half an hour or so later,

I emerge from the craft room holding a new creation in my hands :)))

Naturally the hubby asks why I am holding a finished card, when I was supposed to be cleaning and organising,

but even he knows that its virtually impossible to actually clean a craft room, because underneath all that

crafty chaos I have strewn all over my desk, there will be a 1inch scrap of paper or card, that will ignite some form of idea

in my crazy mind, and I have to start creating then and there, otherwise the idea is gone forever.

So without further ado, here is the culprit that had me crafting rather than cleaning,  (like I need any encouragement, LOL).

I used a Dreamees lace die to cut the centre, doesn’t it look good. the die is available here

The sentiment stamp is one from Sheena Douglas, and the backing paper is from Crafters Companion.

The small mdf butterfly and pearls are courtesy of Dreamees.

Happy crafting x

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