Tidy craft desk.

Greetings my friends, and welcome to my blog,

here you will see craft projects that I have made, and a little insight into the life of a crafter.

I must say I am a typical crafter, who ends up working in a tiny 10 inch square

of their work desk.  I know many crafters who are the same,

but eventually we all clean up, and get organised.

It’s usually a mammoth task to undertake, but occassionally it just has to be done.

And not be be blunt or anything, but doesn’t that look gooood.

So happy I got round to cleaning up, however I don’t know how long it will stay

like this.  I am a crafty after all, and the hardest part of cleaning up,

is not making something when you find that one thing,  that was buried underneath all that junk,

that sparks your creative mind.

Hope you all enjoy today no matter what you are doing, just  remember to…..

Do what makes you happy x



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