Time To Sew

Hello Hello!

Good morning to you all.

Today I bring to you a little sewing project that I have been working on, in the

form of Lanyards.  Yes those things we hang around our neck,  to show our ID badges at work

or college, whatever the case may be.

Now I didn’t make many, only 18,  as I don’t know how well they will sell,

however I am hoping that the cuteness of the fabric used will help with sales.  Here the are-:

How cute are these!  Loved how easy they were to make, and in amazing fabric too.

I want one for myself, except I don’t actually need one.   Maybe I

should make one with a phone holder attached?  I’m always leaving my phone in a different room

to where I’m working.

Now to go over to http://www.thecuttingcafe.typepad.com   

to find a suitable box in which to package them.

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Happy crafting peeps xx

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