Wands at the ready!

A while back I thought I might try my hand at wand making.

Well I bought a pack of chopsticks, turned on my glue gun & here is a progress report.

I did use a few seed beads to add a bit of texture to the large glue balls on the ends of the chopsticks,

and I even managed to set a flat sided bead onto the end of another.

String can also be wound around the chopstick to add interest, however you can gain

fabulous results with just your hot glue.

Now remember this can be time consuming, as you have to keep the chopstick moving

while the glue cools, otherwise it will simply run off.

Here are some finished wands, and while they are very lightweight, they look stunning.

All I added to the uncoated wand was a coat or two of black paint,

followed by a little gilding wax.  I only had a silver gilding mousse from tonic so I used this.

The wands that are more copper in colour, are in fact, dry brushed with

a poundshop acrylic paint in copper.

How effective do these look?  Totally amazed at what can be created with a bit

of hot glue.  Bet they would look fab on a witchy looking notebook.

Until next time, get your glue gun out to play:))

Happy crafting x


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