What a beautiful day

Oh what a beautiful day it is!  The sun is shining, we are all healthy, and my baby girl has announced that she wants to move back home.

Of course I want her to as well, so I didn’t try to persuade her otherwise.  You see after living with her fiance at our family home, they decided that they wanted a change and decided to go live elsewhere.  I personally didn’t think they were ready for the commitment, and knew that it would be hard on her as she is only 18 years old.  But gave them my blessing regardless.


It took a whole 3 month before she decided where she was better off, and is now packing up her things ready to move home this weekend.

Yipee… I’m sooooo happy that she’s coming back home.


I suppose it’s easy as a parent to say the words “I told you so”, but I can honestly say it’s even harder not to.  The last thing that Jessica needs right now is people thinking they knew best, when in all fairness the best way to learn anything in life is by making mistakes, and learning from them.

So now begins the hard work as all our bedrooms are already occupied, and I had made the spare room into my craft room.  You can imagine how many things have to be  packed up and put away, not to mention redecorated.  But I know it will be worth the effort when my baby is back home and happy once again.


Heres to happy families and knowing that someone is always there to hold your hand, give you a hug and tell you it’s ok to make mistakes.  I love my family.

Until next time

Kim xx


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