Worth The Effort

Aahh, today is a sad day…. today is the end of another 100 christmas tags.

Yayy! (sarcasm at it’s finest)

I am actually glad that I am done making tags for the moment, as this last batch took quite

a bit more work than I first anticipated.

300 hand stamped, hand coloured, poinsettias later,

I have 100 tags.  Thank the lord that the Scan n Cut did all the cutting work for me.

And here are the results-:

I even hand doodled around the edge of every single one.

Yes they do look nice, but in all honesty, a little too much work.  With that said,

I will probably make more tags closer to christmas, just maybe not so time consuming next time.

Until my next post….

Do what makes you happy x


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